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Southern Plains Indian Museum, Anadarko, Oklahoma

Yatika Starr Fields

"Dynamic Interpretations"

July 27 - September 27, 2008

Yatika Starr Fields was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is of the Cherokee, Creek and Osage tribes and is a member of the Bear Clan. His Creek name "Yvtekv" means Interpreter. He was given his Osage name, Ho-moie "among the heavenly bodies" during an Osage Native American Church meeting on his first birthday. When he was seven years old, he was initiated into the Osage I-lo-shka dance society, Hominy district. He is a graduate of Stillwater High School class of 2000.

Yatika has been making art since he was a child. His drawings, paintings and collages were sophisticated and showed a natural intuitive understanding of composition and line. "Growing up in a family whose traditions and art swirled in one, the identity to create came early. To see the beauty that is with us as we walk. I have always been familiar with the consciousness to create; from a child making clay figures to a young adult making wild paintings that show my feelings as an artist, a native artist."

His artistic endeavors have taken him around the world; from landscape painting in Tuscany to mural work in Malaysia as part of the APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Council) youth representation.

For two years Yatika attended the Art Institute of Boston while simultaneously exploring the Graffiti culture. It was during this time that he became involved in large area paintings and started working more on mural projects.

Moving to New York in 2004, Yatika continued his pursuit of a career in painting. He has since participated in over a dozen shows around the United States, primarily in New York and Santa Fe.

When Yatika begins a new painting, he swiftly and intuitively shapes the composition on canvas. Then, gradually, the narrative of the piece reveals itself. From there he works to detail the painting's subject and nuance. His process focuses on fluidity of form and boldness of palette. Finally the momentum of each piece culminates in a rich and spontaneous composition.

For the past four years, Yatika has lived in Brooklyn and worked in Manhattan as a bike messenger. His experience in the streets and the energy of urban life inspires and reinforces the creative force in his paintings.

This special exhibition at the Southern Plains Indian Museum is Yatikas' first solo exhibition and one of three exhibitions featuring second generation artists. He is the son of Tom and Anita Fields. The portrait of Yatika is courtesy of Tom Fields. Prices of work for sale may be obtained from the Oklahoma Indian Arts and Crafts Cooperative gift shop, 405-247-3486, located in the Museum. After the exhibit closes contact Yatika Starr Fields at yatika@nativefields.com

Prayer for the Bee's Return, Acrylic spray paint / Ink 72 Sting of Life, Oil on canvas, 64

Yatika Starr Fields

Brooklyn Backyard, Acrylic on canvas, 53

Winged Dream, Oil on canvas, 44

Descension from the Stars, Oil on canvas, 66

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