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Sioux Indian Museum, Rapid City, South Dakota

Previous Exhibition Archives:

- Mary T. Hercher - Photography
- Nelson Chasing Hawk, Sr. - Paintings
- V R Janis - Photography
- Memory Ponicappo - Dolls and Beadwork
- Charles Her Many Horses
- New Traditions - Stephanie Hunter-Sorbel
- The Arrowsoul Experience - Fredrick Clarin
- Earth Forged by Fire - Megan Sweets
- Chantelle Blue Arm - Quilts
- Marty Cuny - Traditional Craft
- Floyd Nez - Landscapes and More
- Delilah McPherson - Star Quilts
- Jerry Fogg
- Brian Szabo
- Keri Fischer
- Prayers from the Upper Missouri - Lauren "Good Day Woman" Frank
- Traditional Artwork - Harley Zephier
- Silverwork in contemporary form by Paul Szabo and Matt Tucker
- For Honor and Celebration - Star Quilts from the Cheyenne River Reservation
- Gordon Coons "Landscape Of My Inner Voice"
- Mike Marshall - Diversity in Lakota Art and Craft
- De Haven Solimon Chaffins
- Maanii Baldon, Stained Glass Work
- Carl Winters, Diversity of Artistic Expression
- Gerald Yellowhawk
- Jessie Knight Palczewski
- JoAnne Bird "Paintings and Giclée
- Voices From the Four Directions
- Vi Colombe, Wall Hangings and Quilts
- Geneva Teresa Bluebird, Wall Hangings and Quilts
- Anderson Benally, Arcylic and Watercolor
- Darrell Norman, Blackfeet Tribal Art and Craft
- Diana K. Hudson Traditional Beadwork and Design
- Collective Spirit First People's Fund - 2004 and 2005
- Randall Blaze, Ceramic and Sculpture
- Bonnie LeBeau, Quilts
- Tom Red Bear, Sculptures

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