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Source Directory Listings for Alaska

bulletAlaskan Treasures dba Ivory & Beads
4321 Bayview Court, Homer, AK 99603
Tel: (907) 235-6761
E-mail: alaskantreasures@alaska.net
Artists/Owners: Peter and Darlene Lind (Aleut/Alutiiq).

Products: Traditional Aleut/Alutiiq style bentwood hunting visors, harpoons, throwing dart sets, exclusively styled ivory and bead jewelry. Bronze sculptures of our people (limited editions).

bulletSelina Alexander
4818 Amherst Drive
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709
E-mail: selinabeadwork@gmail.com
Artisan (Koyukon Athabascan)

Products: Beadwork, caribou hair tufting, skin sewing, various claw necklaces and earrings. Moose heart and bladder bags. Materials used include moose, deer and caribou skin, caribou hair, beads, bones, feathers, claws, porcupine quills, and more.

bulletAnuqsraag Arts
P.O. Box 842, Nome, AK 99762
Artist/Owner: MaryJane Litchard (Inupiaq)

Products: Seal skin finger dolls, fur flowers, cloth finger dolls, baleen etchings, baleen baskets, stationary cards, India ink drawings (prints), colored prints depicting artist’s own Eskimo designs. Mail orders accepted. Please write for more information.

bulletPaul T. Brendible
Artist (Tsimshian)
440 Hillcrest, Box 409, Metlakatla, AK 99926;
Tel: (907) 886-5284
E-Mail: paul.brendible@metlakatla.com

Products: Wood carvings of traditional Tsimshian totem poles, feast bowls, feast spoons, masks, relief plaques. Special Commission accepted. Call or write or e-mail for more information.

bulletC. Ruby Designs
11468 Johannsen Rd., Ketchikan, AK 99901
Tel: (907) 254-2232
Artist/Owner: Christy Ruby (Ketchikan Indian Community)
Email: crdesigns@ak.net
Web: www.crubydesigns.com
Etsy Store: www.etsy.com/shop/CRubyDesigns

Products: “Luxurious Apparel in Alaska Native Furs”. Harvesting and designing products from seals, sea otters, and various locally trapped furs. High quality sewing soft sea otter and waterproof seal vests, hats, mittens, scarves, and custom orders welcome. MC and Visa accepted.

bulletDiane Douglas-Willard
Artisan (Haida)
P.O. Box 7613, Ketchikan, AK 99901
Tel: (907) 225-6817 or (907) 617-2436
Email: r_ravenalaska@hotmail.com

1. Basketry using red and yellow Cedar bark and Spruce root
2. Chilkat weaving
3. Ravenstail weaving
4. Beadwork
5. Seal Skin Vest, Seal Skin Moccasins, Seal Skin and Sea Otter (scarves, vests, purses)

bulletGallery of Alaska Native Art
P.O. Box 670423, Chugiak, AK 99567
Artist/Owner:  Karen Rifredi (Nulato)
Tel: (907) 235-9060
Cell: (907) 862-1577
Home: (907) 688-1577

Products: Authentic Hand-Made native art in beadwork, moccasins, masks, ornaments, native dolls, ivory, and soapstone.

bulletAlaskan Eskimo Arts
1731 Cedrus Circle, Anchorage, AK 99507
Tel: (907) 929-7736 or (907) 575-9180
E-mail: bryonlamos@gmail.com
Artist/Owner: Bryon Amos (Cup’ig Eskimo)

Products: Traditional ivory masks, fossilized whalebone and soapstone sculptures, including Native people, sea mammals, and land animals. Specializing in personal and corporate arts. Transactions by appointment only.

bulletClarissa Hudson, L.L.C.
P.O. Box 21453
Juneau, Alaska 99802
Tel: 978-903-8386
Email: clarissa@clarissarizal.com
Web: www.clarissarizal.com
Artist/Owner (Tlingit)
Products: Ceremonial regalia in handwoven Chilkat and Ravenstail robes, button blanket robes, and painted leather robes. Contemporary paintings, collages, and giclée reproductions of select images. Retail, wholesale, commission accepted. Classes, presentations, and demonstrations.

bulletIndian Village Artists
428 Rogwoton, Sitka, AK 99835
Located at 235 Lincoln St, Sitka AK
Tel: (907) 747-5857 or (907) 738-5857
Owner: Boyd Bidrickson (Tlingit)
Open May to Sept., 9:00am - 5:00pm
Products: Sea otter pillows and blankets; seal and polar bear handcrafted items; drums, wood carving, whale bone, baleen, ivory scrimshaw, walrus tusk. Telephone orders welcome.

A division of NANA Development Corporation.
PO Box 49, Kotzebue, AK 99752
Tel (907) 442-2800
Hours: 7:00am - 2:30pm and 7 - 10pm, daily, May 15 - Sept; closed in winter

Products: Eskimo dolls, masks, birch bark baskets, whalebone and walrus ivory carvings, baleen products, jewelry, ulus, parkas and mukluks.

bulletK’Beq Interpretive Site and Gift Shop
Located at Milepost 52.6, Sterling Highway, Cooper Landing, AK
Operated by the Kenaitze Indian Tribe
Tel: (907) 283-3633  
Or Write: Director, Cultural and Educational Programs, Kenaitze Indian Tribe,
P.O. Box 988, Kenai, AK, 99611 
Open July and August everyday, 11:00am – 7:00pm; June and September only limited hours (contact Tribe for schedule).
Executive Director: Rita Smagge

Products: Artwork and crafts by Tribal members are highlighted in the gift shop. Reference materials, books, and recordings, featuring and about the Kenaitze and their Alaska Native neighbors are available.

At K’Beq (Footprints), members of the Kenaitze Indian Tribe, Dena’ina Athabascans, share their traditions and cultures with visitors through interpretive walks featuring archaeological sites and traditional plant use.

bullet Kodiak Island Kreations
PO Box 70
Port Lions, AK 99550
Phone: (907) 454-2208
Email: kikreations@starband.net
Owner/artisan: Sara Squartsoff (Native Village of Port Lions)

Products: Variety of craftwork ranging from handpainted wooden boxes and hanging artwork to beaded earrings and jewelry.

bulletL&M Ivory
PO Box 14155, Anchorage, AK 99514
Tel: (907) 333-8893
Owner: Leroy Barlip, III (Athabascan) 
Manager: Mary Fier Barlip (Athabascan)

Products:  : Silver Hand Ulus, handcrafted by individual artist, Leroy Barlip. Also sells Native art including ivory (walrus) carvings, masks, and scrimshaw on fossil ivory, antler knives & products.

bullet Laura Wright Alaskan Parkys (Laura's Originals-Cabin Creek Designs)
Store front located at 411 W 4th Avenue, Suite 223, Anchorage, AK 99501 (Yellow Mall-4th & D Street)
Hours: Open all year, Summer 10-6 Tu-Fri and the Anchorage Saturday Market. Limited winter hours.
Mail order: PO Box 202963, Anchorage, AK 99520
Tel: (907) 274-4215
Fax: (907) 745-4426
E-Mail: lwparky@gci.net
Web: www.laurawrightalaskanparkys.com
Owner: Sheila Ezelle (Inupiaq-Ciri & Doyon)

Products: Summer and winter Eskimo style parkys. Summer parkys are lightweight windbreakers with trim on hood, cuffs, pockets, and around bottom hem. Winter parkys are lined and have trim on pockets, cuffs, shoulders, and around the hem. Can be trimmed with fur around the hood and on shoulders. Readymade and custom made parkys available. Mail order available. Call or write for more information.

bulletNorthwest Coast Textile Arts
P.O. Box 693, Haines, AK, 99827
Located at 69 Chilkat Ave, Klukwan, AK
Tel: (907) 767-5581
Fax: (907) 767-5582
E-mail: lanihotch@aptalaska.net
Artist: Lani Hotch (Chilkat Indian Village)

Products: Northwest Coast style weavings, including Chilkat and Ravenstail blankets, tunics, bags, and leggings. Northwest Coast style button blankets, beaded bracelets, and necklaces. Baskets made of cedar bark. Retail only. Special commissions accepted. E-mail for photo samples of work. Write or call for more information. No regular hours; contact for an appointment.

bullet“Oomingmak,” Musk Ox Producers’ Cooperative
A Yup'ik and Inupiat Alaska Native cooperative
604 H St, Anchorage, AK 99501
Tel (907) 272-9225
Hours: 10am - 7pm, daily in Summer. 10am - 5pm, Mon - Fri in Winter.
Manager: Sigrun C. Robertson.

Products: Hand knitted Qiviut (underwool of the arctic musk oxen) garments such as scarves, caps, tunics, and nachaqs. Mail order, limited retail; send self-addressed business-size envelope for brochure and price list.

bulletRaven Art Studio
820 Charles St, Sitka, AK 99835-7294
Tel (907) 747-3641
E-mail: teri@terirofkar.com
Artisan/Owner: Teri Rofkar (Tlingit)

Products: Tlingit traditional weavings; spruce root baskets, recently revived Tlingit Raven’s Tail wool weavings. Retail and Special commissions. Call or write for information.

bulletRaven Designs
P.O. Box 312, Angoon, AK 99820
Telephone (907) 788-3318
Artist: Ray Peck (Tlingit)

Products: Northwest Coast totemic carvings in cedar Totems, plaques, paddles, panels, etc Some prints Carvings depict clan emblems, legends and history Member of Alaska Silver Hand program; use of logo certifies item made by an Alaska Native Mail or telephone orders accepted.

bulletSt. Lawrence Island Original Ivory Cooperative, Ltd
An Eskimo cooperative
PO Box 89, Gambell, AK 99742
Tel (907) 985-5707 or 985-5112
Fax (907) 985-5927
Hours: 1pm-5pm, Mon-Fri
Manager: H.V. Slwooko (Yupik)

Products: Walrus ivory carvings of animal figurines such as walrus, whales, seals, polar bears, hawks, eagles, auklets and other Arctic birds, cribbage boards, baleen whales, bookmarks and etchings

bulletSinona RV Gift Shop
SR 224, Gakona, AK, 99586
Located at mile 34 Tok Cut off between Glennallen, Alaska, in a small community called Chistochina.
Owner: Evelyn Beeter (Cheesh-Na)
Tel: (907) 822-3914
E-mail: ebeeter@cvinternet.net
Months of operation are May 20 to September 1 Hours are 8am – 11pm.

Products: Beadwork, art, and furs Call or write for a list of items that are one of a kind Everything is handcrafted, hand-tanned, and made in Alaska.

bulletTribal Accents
P.O. Box 23481 Ketchikan, Alaska 99901
Tel: 907-225-3099
Email: Kathy@tribalaccents.com
Web: www.tribal_accents.com
Owner/Artist: Kathy E. Humpherville (Tsimpean)

Products:  Button blankets (robes), dresses, vests, tunics, aprons, leggings, head bands. Specialize in leather. Special orders accepted. Write or call for more information.

bulletTwo Spirits Carving Studio, LLC
333 West 4th Avenue, Suite 1
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
Tel: (907) 884-2650
Hours: 9am to 6pm, Mon-Sat
Owner: Robert Raphael (Yupik Eskimo)

Products:  Walrus ivory relief carving, info dog team Eskimo sculptures, including bird, walrus, seals, whales, animal earrings, Special Commissions specializing custom orders and repairing.

P.O. Box 853, Slana, AK 99586
Owner/Artist: Dora M. Buchea (Siberian Yupik – Eskimo)
Tel: (907) 822-3074

Products:  Tattooed masks – caribou skin, native dolls, fur caps, ruffs, mittens, dance headdress, fur headbands, native ivory and bone carvings, jewelry MasterCard and Visa accepted.

bulletYup’ik Gift Shop
Nonprofit organization
PO Box 219, Bethel, AK 99559
Tel (907) 543-1819
Hours: 10am-5:30pm, Tue-Sat
Manager: Mary Romer.

Products: Grass baskets, mats, trays, plates; wooden and ivory masks and carvings; Native-made items of clothing such as seal-gut raincoats, mukluks, fur hats, gloves, slippers; bead, quill, and ivory jewelry; dolls; dance fans; headdresses; drawings. Special orders accepted. Mail order.


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