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Source Directory Listings for California

bulletA Gallery of Nations
2021 Gayle Way
Carlsbad, California 98002
Owner: Eleanor Lefthand Bianchi (Arapaho)
E-mail: infor@agalleryofnations.com
Web: www.agalleryofnations.com

bulletAmerican Indian Art & Gift Shop (NCIDC)
A Nonprofit Organization
241 "F" St, Eureka, CA 95501 (Hwy 101)
Tel: (707) 445-8451
Fax: (707) 445-8479
Hours: Mon-Sat/ 10:00am - 6:00pm
Executive Director: Terry Coltra
Manager: Dawn-Marie Woodman
web: www.shop.americanindianonline.com

Products: Silver, Pottery, Carvings, Basketry, Original Artwork, Contemporary & Traditional Jewelry, Books, Puzzles & CD's.

bulletBlack Eagle
Artisan (Shoshone-Yokut)
PO Box 233
Mountain Ranch, California 95246
Tel (209) 754-9220
By appointment only.

Products: Original Shoshone artifacts such as warrior shirts, cradleboards, buffalo rawhide war and medicine shields, bone hairpipe breastplates, decorated war pipe axes, hawks, clubs, and lances; bone and rawhide rattles, personal items such as medicine pouches. Contemporary warrior spirit Masks. Call for more information.

bulletEastern Sierra Trading Company
PO Box 731, Bridgeport, CA 93517
(Main St, US 395)
Tel (760) 932-7231
Owners: Joe (Paiute-Mono) and Mary (Laguna-Tewa Pueblo) Lent.
Hours: 9am-8pm May-Sept; 10am-5pm, Oct-Apr

Products: Turquoise and silver jewelry, beadwork, pottery, baskets. Retail only.

bulletGabriel Jewelry
Davis, California
E-mail: vfgabriel@hotmail.com
Artist: Victor Gabriel (Washoe)

Products: Traditional and contemporary jewelry in sterling silver and gold; incorporate turquoise, lapis, sugilite, opal, coral, and other stones. Accept special orders.

bulletGenerations by Linda Vit
Artisan (Karuk)
P.O. Box 3317
Eureka, California 95501
Tel: (707) 442-8800
Fax: (707) 445-0745
E-mail: indianwest@yahoo.com
Web: www.indianwest.com

Products: Beadwork; hide paintings; artifacts; hide designs

bulletGeorge Blake's Studio
Artisan (Hupa-Yurok)
PO Box 1304, Hoopa, CA 95546
(Pine Creek Rd, central Hoopa)
Tel: (916) 625-4619

Products: Silver and gold jewelry with California basket designs and precious and semi-precious stones; traditional and contemporary art; traditional redwood canoes, sinew-backed yew bows, elk antler carvings, large and miniature canoes, pottery, ceramic sculpture, wood carvings. Special orders accepted. Call or write for information.

bulletGraham's Cherokee Jewelry
P.O. Box 613, Cool, CA 95614
Tel (916) 759-3103
E-mail: info@tsalagijewelry.com
Web: www.tsalagijewelry.com
Hours: 9am-1pm, Monday-Friday
Artisan: Michael Graham (Cherokee)

Products: Ready-made and custom jewelry and beadwork. Work in turquoise, silver, gold, amazonite, coral, leather, copper, and most colored gems.

bulletIndian West Emporium
326 2nd Street
Eureka, California 95501
Tel: (707) 442-3042
Fax: (707) 445-0745
E-mail: indianwest@yahoo.com
Web: www.indianwest.com
Owner: Linda C. Vit (Karuk)
Manager: Michelle Abram (Karuk)

Products: Jewelry; hide paintings; beadwork; carvings; clothing; gifts; rugs; books; music; drums; flutes. Hours: 10:30am-6:00pm, Monday-Saturday.

bulletIntertribal Friendship House Gift Shop
A Nonprofit Organization
523 East 14th St, Oakland, CA 94606 (Nimitz, Hwy. 17)
Tel: (510) 452-1235
Manager: Susie Astor (Yurok-Chippewa).
Hours: 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri

Products: Beadwork, silver jewelry, rugs and blankets, moccasins. No catalog.

bulletNative American Dolls & Creations
Orangevale, CA
Tel: (916) 987-4812
E-mail: thejewelofthelamath@yahoo.com
Web: www.nativeamericandolls.net
Owner: Irene Jewel Wilson (Yurok)

bulletRonald Chee Studio
Artisan (Navajo)
2914 Ellesmere Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Tel: (714) 549-0148 or (714) 334-9052
Website: www.ronaldchee.com
E-mail: rachee@mac.com

Products: Specializing in oil-based ink monotypes; acrylic paintings; and limited edition gicleƩ prints. Predominantly contemporary format dealing with interpretations of traditional Navajo myths and culture. Award winning. Retail/Wholesale. Special commissions available. Mail order or by appointment.

c/o Glenn Billy, 1592 Union St, #356, San Francisco, CA 94123
Tel (415) 586-4202;
Artisan/Owner: Glenn Billy (Pomo)
No regular hours.

Products: Greeting cards with Indian words, each with an Indian design; calligraphy on paper. Custom orders for certificates, honorary awards; special orders accepted. Mail order; wholesale-retail.

bulletSeven Seminoles
1265 Ledesma Lane
Ramona, CA 92065
Email: info@upcyclerose.com or sevenseminoles@gmail.com
Web: www.upcyclerose.com
Artisan/Owner: LisaJean Mann-Mattson (Seminole of Oklahoma/Chickasaw)

Products: Custom-made, contemporary re-created textiles as traditional Seminole patchwork, in handbags, luggage, apparel, and accessories. Online and mail order available. PayPal accepted. Visit website for more information, contact and sales.

bulletSierra Mono Museum
33103 Road 228
(Intersection of Road 225 and 228)
North Fork, California 93643
Non-profit organization (owned and operated by the Mono Indians)

Products: Native American basket collection, artifacts, art, and animal dioramas. Gift shop with handcrafted beadwork, basketry, and books. Open to the public Tues-Sat, 10am-3:30pm. Special guided tours upon request. Basketweaving classes upon request. Archaeological facility open to qualified researchers, www.sierramonomuseum.org

bulletStarrCraft Jewelry
1550 Myrtle Avenue
Eureka, California 95501
Tel: (707) 444-3354
E-mail: farrel@northcoast.com
Owner/Artisan: Farrel Starr (Quinault)

Products: Abalone, clamshell, pine nut, silver, copper, and gem stone jewelry- Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, lanyards, beaded hair clips and hair sticks. Special orders accepted. Write, call, or e-mail for additional information.

bulletTeeword Designs
PO Box 1409, Hoopa, CA 95546
Tel (707) 499-1922
Artist/Owner: Tony J Sylvia (Yurok/Narragansett)
By appointment only.

Products: Wearable art (Native design only); paintings; a variety of traditional artworks including watercolor, acrylic, foil; graphic design.

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