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Source Directory Listings for Oregon

bulletA Gallery of Nations
454 Elm Street
Phoenix, Oregon 97535
Owner: Eleanor Lefthand Bianchi (Arapaho)
E-mail: infor@agalleryofnations.com
Web: www.agalleryofnations.com

Products: Online store featuring Zuni fetishes, turquoise and silver jewelry, pottery. Online credit cards accepted: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal.

bulletThe Aleut Connection
19415 SW Sycamore, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035
Tel: (503) 639-2686
Email: vivross@comcast.net
Owner: Vivian A. Ross (Aleut)

Products: Cedar bark basketry (baskets, medicine pouches, quivers, and wedding baskets). Stained glass art of Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and the Pacific Rim. Special commissions accepted; no mail order. Write or call for more information.

bulletPhillip John Charette, "Aarnaquq"
Alaskan Native Fine Art
3415 Carter Street
Baker City, Oregon 97814
Web: www.yupikmask.com / www.phillipcharette.com
Artisan/Owner: Phillip John Charette (Yupik)

Products: Contemporary mixed media sculpture, mixed media contemporary Yup’ik style masks, limited edition prints and mixed media Monoprints, woodcarving, driftwood products, pottery, jewelry, fused glass, work with found objects, Native American flutes, lecturer, educator, and flute player. Retail, gallery sales, and special commissions accepted. See www.Yupikmask.com or www.phillipcharette.com for more information.

bulletCrow's Shadow Institute of the Arts
48004 St. Andrew's Road, Pendleton, OR 97801
Tel: (541) 276-3954
Fax: (541) 276-3397
E-mail: fhuesties@crowsshadow.org
Web: www.crowsshadow.org
Director: Melissa Bob
Contact for hours.

Non-profit arts facility; printmaking studio and gallery, located on the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

Products: Fine art prints including monotype, monoprint, lithography, wood-cuts, lino-cuts, etchings. Workshops in traditional Native American Plateau arts and crafts and printmaking.

bulletCaroll Grant Loomis
Artisan (Osage)
5336 Sams Creek Road
Toledo, Oregon 97391
Tel: (541) 875-2792
Email: washashee@yahoo.com

Products: Baskets, Jewelry, Mosaics, Sculptures, Fine Art Gourds. Retail, Wholesale. Open Studio Sales. Mail Order. Write or call for more information.

bulletLakwashti Native Arts
29733 Peoria Road, Shedd, Oregon 97377
Tel: (514) 491-3984
Owner/Artisan: Joseph C. Scott (Siletz)

Products: Shell and bead jewelry; elk antler shell money purses, Siletz regalia and sculpture using traditional materials. Special requests considered. Retail only. Call or write for more information.

bulletNadine's Native Dolls
c/o Nadine Van Mechelen, Rt 1, Box 270 Pendleton, OR 97801
Tel (503) 276-2566
Artisan/Owner: Nadine Van Mechelen (Yurok-Karok-Tolowa)
No regular hours, call for appointment.

Products: One-of-a-kind dolls in various sizes, styles, and types, dressed in authentic Indian clothing, for collectors. Special orders accepted. Call or send stamped self-addressed business-size envelope for information.
Second Shop:
Wind Song Gallery
7 SE Court, Pendleton, OR 97801
Tel: (541) 276-7993
Owner: Nadine Van Mechelen
Hours: 10am-5pm , Mon-Sat

bulletNakatoshaj Authentic American Indian Flutes
Tel: (541)510-5548
Fax: (541) 345-9612
Web: www.Nakatoshaj.net
Artist: Mi-Cree-ni Quash-mah (Kansas Kickapoo Tribe)

Products: Handcrafted authentic American Indian flutes. American Indian flute music. For further information please visit the website where additional contact information is available.

bulletNavajo Eyes
Jonathan Bill Touchine (Navajo) Website: http://navajoeyes.ning.com

Products: handmade sterling silver jewelry with turquoise and black onyx; silver emblems for eyeglasses.

bulletTamastlikt Cultural Institute
(Nonprofit organization of Umatilla Indian Reservation)
72789 Hwy. 331, Pendleton, Oregon 97801
Tel: (541) 966-9748
Web: www.tamastslikt.org
Director: Roberta L. Conner (Confederated Tribes of Umatilla)
Hours: 9am to 5:00pm, Mon thru Sunday, April - October; 9am to 5:00pm, Mon thru Saturday, November - March

Products: Plateau jewelry, beaded bags, quill work, moccasins, tule mats, shawls, wing dresses, breast plates, special edition Pendleton blankets. Mail orders welcome. Accept Visa, MC, Discover, and AMEX.

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